The First National Islamic Learning Resource for Children- Qura Curriculum Book 1

Alhamdulillah FIANZ is pleased to introduce the first national Islamic learning resource for children.
It is our objective to provide every Muslim parent, all madrasahs and after-school programmes with free, carefully planned and structured Islamic learning which is contextualized for Aotearoa New Zealand. We want to provide this to each and every Muslim child in NZ.
You can view QURA Curriculum Textbook 1- suitable for Ages 5-7 in flip-book format here:
The Qura Curriculum Series has 10 textbooks for ages 5 to 15. We shall gradually be releasing the whole series.
Each Qura Curriculum textbook covers the knowledge and understanding for the appropriate age cohort. The textbook has a similar pedagogic approach to that which our children are currently experiencing at their own school. There has been significant planning, research, development and refinement over the last 20 years to arrive at this integrated and inclusive Islamic curriculum. The complete curriculum has also been checked and approved by our Ulema.
Each book covers approximately 40 weeks of learning, coinciding with the duration of the school year. The lessons are interactive, inquiry-based and self-paced. Parents and teachers are also involved in the learning process. The curriculum covers all the essential aspects of Islamic learning that is expected of the age group. The key focus is on ensuring that our children have a strong foundation in our deen as they grow up.
If you would like to receive future copies of this Qura Series, please complete the form here:
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